Gautam kumar: can any one tell gujjar players in pro-wrestling league?? Dec 13, 2015 12:55:38 GMT 5.5
Slow_Learner: any one online ? Dec 15, 2015 19:41:46 GMT 5.5
VINeet HARsana: YES IAM Dec 15, 2015 22:55:13 GMT 5.5
Prashant Jat: Now again there is a Jat President Sachin Chaudhary in the Unviversity in 2015. Again Jats are rising to power after a downfall. Downfall happened because most of the Jats are farmers or serving job in Police/Army. Dec 22, 2015 16:33:36 GMT 5.5
Dinesh: hi, Dec 24, 2015 17:06:26 GMT 5.5
Dinesh: I am looking for History Of Gurjar Samaj , All things , how they are in Rajasthan , Hariyana, Maharashtra? also about there count as population and also about the whole journy about us as Gurjar from Rajsthan to Maharashtra...Email me Dec 24, 2015 17:09:53 GMT 5.5
Ashok Harsana: Prashant ji, welcome to the forum, which university are we taking about here? Dec 28, 2015 15:48:13 GMT 5.5
delhigujjar: both president and vice president in delhi university 2015 dusu election are gujjars.president-satender awana, vice president-sunny dedha. Dec 28, 2015 22:18:15 GMT 5.5
Prashant Jat: I am talking about Chaudhary charan singh university Jan 6, 2016 16:49:42 GMT 5.5
vivekmavi: mein apko batana chata hu ki rrb railway ne 18600 vacancy nikali hai alag alag rrb mein .aur bahaut se students iske liye apply karenge .par har ek rrb ka cut off same nahi hai.mostly students allahabad ;delhincr ,ajmer rrb mein apply karte hai. Jan 7, 2016 17:13:28 GMT 5.5
vivekmavi: par jammu kashmir rrb ranchi rrb ka cut off obc category ke liye bahaut hi kam hai.issliye yadi app in rrb mein apply karenge toh select hone ki chances bahaut bahd jayengi.kyunki cut off bahaut kam hai.aur koi bhi indian citizen kisi bhi rrb mein apply Jan 7, 2016 17:17:09 GMT 5.5
vivekmavi: kar sakta hai aurwoh bhi apni category mein hi Jan 7, 2016 17:17:34 GMT 5.5
RAM RAM JI: Why forum is so in active these days bhailogon?I hve one idea in mind if all you agree we can take our forum from web to mobile we create a whatsapp group what you guys say about this? Jan 19, 2016 20:37:30 GMT 5.5
RAM RAM JI: One more thing there is no single place at web where we can find our history ,notable persons ,achievements ,important places ,symbols etc,we can create webpage and wiki like thing which will cite the sources. Jan 19, 2016 20:42:46 GMT 5.5
RAM RAM JI: one line i have found is this Jan 19, 2016 20:43:06 GMT 5.5
RAM RAM JI: and one is Jan 19, 2016 20:44:38 GMT 5.5
RAM RAM JI: even the site and wiki have some really hilarious facts leave apart we can create good knowledgeable stuff for all which is real,we were rulers but everywhere we are written cow herder,thief ,peasant backward which boil my blood. Jan 19, 2016 20:47:43 GMT 5.5
RAM RAM JI: bhai i need more info on gorsi gotra hope my brothers from across border can also help as here in india gorsi's are less Jan 19, 2016 21:03:12 GMT 5.5
pchhoker: How rawal and chhoker gurjar came to panipat ...are they came during panipat ki ladai ..from maharashtra or gujarat'and settle down here in panipat and karnal ???? any idea guys ....pchhoker Jan 27, 2016 16:07:07 GMT 5.5
Ashok Harsana: Chhokars have their origins in Punjab ( now pakistan), they are believed to be the offshoot of Khokhars of that area. Feb 2, 2016 18:54:24 GMT 5.5
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